Want to be a teaching artist? SCAC can help.

Building a business by sharing your craft

Promo photo of Jef Lambdin juggling and wearing a red clown nose.

Jef Lambdin, photo by George Loudon.

#SCartists: want to build a business AND share your craft with the next generation? You can. Build a business as a certified teaching artist!

Join seasoned and practicing teaching artist Jef Lambdin for a no-cost two-day webinar as he shares tips for success with you in “The Business of Being a Teaching Artist: Nuts and Bolts to Grow your Business.” Over the course of two  webinars, you’ll get professional development guidance on not only becoming a certified teaching artist but leveraging that to grow your own teaching artist business.

Tuesday and Wednesday, Feb. 22-23 from 4-6 p.m.

This is the first professional development session created by the South Carolina Arts Commission to develop novice and seasoned #SCartists as certified teaching artists, potentially giving them access to SCAC programs created or expanded by the new Arts Grow SC partnership. SCAC arts learning grantees who engage artists are required to use certified teaching artists approved for inclusion on the S.C. Arts Directory.

Click here to register now via Zoom.