Theatre artists and educators offer entrepreneurship advice

In the January 2013 issue of American Theatre Magazine, the Theatre Communications Group presents a dozen brief essays by theatre artists, educators and foundation administrators with “distinctive points of view about entrepreneurship and how it can give artists a leg up.” The information is primarily focused on performing artists, but other artists will find several worthy kernels of advice. A few excerpts:

“Being an entrepreneur means taking control of your own destiny. It means understanding that you have the power and the ability to create work that will be satisfying for you. What kinds of experiences will be fulfilling to you?” – David J. Diamond, NYC -based theatre consultant

“Arts entrepreneurship is a state of mind that liberates artistic expression. An arts entrepreneur is someone who has a vision for what is possible, transformative and innovative, and then takes an active step toward giving life to that vision.” – James Houghton, NYC Signature Theatre Company

“Often when I talk to performers about entrepreneurship training, I get this response: “I don’t see how it really applies to me.” Digging deeper, I realize that performers often see themselves as having little control over their professional lives. The lens of entrepreneurship allows artists to identify strengths and capabilities that give them that control within a marketplace. Delving into an industry analysis or constructing an operational plan is new terrain for many artists.”  – Jessyca Holland, C4 Atlanta

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Via: Theatre Communications Group