The new SCAC is here

Today we unveil the results of a nearly 18-month process to better represent the work we do and people we serve.

As the state agency dedicated to serving South Carolina creatives, we wanted a look that shows boldness, just like #SCArtists. We wanted it to demand attention, like South Carolina’s arts providers. We wanted it to be fresh and original—like our approach to arts learning.

This brand hints at a vibrant, dynamic team. It, along with our grant portfolio and programs, is growing rapidly and serving more constituents than ever. For the past two fiscal years, grantmaking by the SCAC has topped $11 million. Recent research shows arts and creativity in South Carolina contribute $14 billion a year to the state economy.

Arts, creativity, and the people behind them are clearly a force in South Carolina. They deserve to be noticed. (Electric pink and very blue should do the trick.)

The design

Following are some elements to our new brand. The SCAC engaged the York County-based creatives of Social Design House to develop our brand and carry it out on a brand-new website and a refreshed version of The Hub… and Arts Daily, the only statewide arts event and opportunity calendar.

The SCAC asteriskThe asterisk… telling our story

Not just a design element, the asterisk represents a narrative.

Being the Arts Commission makes us the music, photography, sculpture, dance, theatre, poetry commission too. The asterisk says that we are the commission for all arts in South Carolina. And we love it.


Our primary logo







Additional logos



Electric Pink and/or Very Blue join base colors Ink and Cream as our primary set. But, as desired, Ink and Cream can be joined by one of these attention-grabbing accent colors: Moss, River, Tangerine, Yolk, or Violet, shown here with our acronym.




















Oh, yeah… the website

The new website makes grants a focal point. A squiggly arrow on every page gives you one-click access to the entire portfolio. On the main grants page, you can now search by eligibility, focus area, or even your artistic discipline.

Accessibility is a priority to the SCAC. A new toolbar allows users to enable or disable features to give them the website experience best suited to their needs.

No more silos. A new menu configuration provides easy access to every area of the site from every other area. No more searching header or footer menus. Everything is in one spot.

Visit the new!

The Hub/Arts Daily

The Hub, and Arts Daily, are refreshed with the new brand. Arts Daily, however, gives users easier access to search for events closer to them by putting a map on page 1. As the only statewide calendar for arts opportunities—active or passive—Arts Daily plays a unique role for our constituents.

Remember that, often, The Hub and Arts Daily can only be as robust as user submissions. Make sure you include your arts events or your arts news.