S.C. House passes increased arts funding

FY23 budget moves to the Senate

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Good news continues coming for arts and creativity in South Carolina.

This morning, the House of Representatives passed the FY23 state budget as approved last month by its Ways & Means Committee. Votes are taken agency-by-agency, and The Hub is happy to report that the SCAC budget passed overwhelmingly, 100-11.

That agency budget includes a $5.5 million increase requested by the SCAC.

As noted previously, rather than designating $5 million in recurring funding and $500,000 from one-time money, the budget writers opted for:

  • $2 million increase in recurring funds for grants
  • $3 million of one-time funding for grants
  • $500,000 in one-time funding for rural pilot programs.

The budget next goes to the Senate to be taken up by the various subcommittees of the Finance Committee. The Senate’s version of the bill, H.5150, will work its way through by the end of April. As always, let the South Carolina Arts Alliance keep you updated.