New SCETV show to feature South Carolina writers

“By the River” debuts Thursday, Sept. 13 at 8 p.m.

South Carolina Educational Television (SCETV) and the University of South Carolina Beaufort (USCB) announced a collaborative television show, “By The River,” which premieres next month. Recorded at ETV Lowcountry studio in Beaufort, “By The River” is an innovative interview-style show hosted by Holly Bounds Jackson (right), director of content and operations at ETV Lowcountry.  It’s produced by Dr. Caroline E. Sawyer, assistant professor of communication studies at USCB. The school’s communication studies students round out the “By the River” crew.

BONUS CONTENT: View the preview video here.

By The River features interviews with Lowcountry authors including Dorthea Benton Frank, Mary Alice Monroe, Alexia Helsley, Lauren Rule Maxwell, Tim Conroy, Ray McManus, Stephanie Austin Edwards, Bernie Schein, John Warley, Ellen Malphrus, Jim Jordan, Alan Chaput, Nina Leipold, Nelle & Ora Smith, & Roger Newman. The interviews are followed by a Lowcountry Poet’s Corner featuring poems read by Lowcountry poets including Tim Conroy, Ellen Malphrus, Ray McManus, and Marcus Amaker, Charleston’s poet laureate.

“This show is really what ETV is all about: providing informative, South Carolina-focused programming, while educating students all at once.  By The River takes ETV’s partnership with USCB to a new level,” Bounds Jackson said.

Professional experience for USCB students

“By The River” is recorded using a virtual set and USCB communication studies students as production staff. USCB communication studies students who worked on the show include Shelby Blencoe, Ian Borton, Leslee Brown, Louis Brown, Whisper Brown, Craig Capano, Hanna Crist, Cassie Headden, Shelby Kalinowsky, Erica Martin, Joshua Ward, & Rebecca Warth. The students each play a vital role in the show’s success.  Tasks included running teleprompter, operating cameras, directing the show and lining up guests.

“We know employers want to hire students who have both a degree and experience. This show gives our students hands-on work on a professionally-produced show,” Sawyer said.  “This experience strongly supports our university’s mission and fits into our Students Connected program in that it provides an unparalleled learning experience in the community.”