MOJA Arts Festival celebrates 30 years

2013 marks Charleston’s 30th annual MOJA Arts Festival: A Celebration of African-American and Caribbean Arts. Scheduled for Sept. 26 – Oct. 6, this year’s event promises an exciting line-up of activities with a rich variety of traditional favorites.

MOJA, a Swahili word meaning “one,” is the appropriate name for this celebration of harmony among all people. The festival highlights the many African-American and Caribbean contributions to Western and world cultures. MOJA events include visual arts, classical music, dance, gospel, poetry, R&B music, storytelling, children’s activities, traditional crafts, ethnic food and more.

Nearly half of MOJA’s events are admission-free, and the remainder are offered at modest ticket prices ranging from $5 – $35.

Visit the MOJA Arts Festival website for the complete schedule.

Via: MOJA Arts Festival