Wallace Foundation grant opportunity for arts orgs of color

$2-3 million possible for selected orgs

Researchers sought too

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Friday, August 20, 2021

Seeking Arts Organizations of Color, Apply by 8/20/2021 to join first group of grantees

When facing strategic challenges, how can and do arts organizations of color leverage their experience and histories of community orientation to increase their resilience, while sustaining their relevance?

The Wallace Foundation is currently seeking eligible arts organizations of color* to join in a new initiative that will explore this question​.

The initiative will explore the links between relevance, resilience and community orientation—”what we are envisioning as a deep sense of understanding of and belonging to the community/communities that the organization serves.”

They are also seeking researchers to study the organizations’ efforts. While pursuing individual projects to address their own strategic challenges, the organizations will share what they are learning with one another and with researchers who will document their progress and histories.

* For the purposes of this open call, The Wallace Foundation uses the term ‘arts organizations of color’ to describe organizations that were founded by and for communities of color. Wallace recognizes that no one umbrella term can accurately represent the plurality and diversity of arts organizations that serve communities of color, including Black, Indigenous, Hispanic/Latinx, Arab American, Asian American or Pacific Islanders.