South Carolina Philharmonic: 2024 Governor’s Awards Spotlight

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Governor's Awards for the Arts logo... blue background with a white statue silhouette and white and pale yellow lettering that reads "South Carolina Governor's Awards for the Arts"

As the day nears for the 2024 South Carolina Governor’s Awards for the Arts, The Hub is shining the spotlight on this year’s four recipients.

We are happy to introduce them to you in greater detail. This is the schedule:

South Carolina Phiharmonic

An independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the South Carolina Philharmonic performs and promotes high-quality, professional symphonic music, serving the community’s needs for cultural development and education, entertainment and tourism since 1964. The introduction of Music Director Morihiko Nakahara in 2008/2009 ushered in a New Era of Artistic Excellence that has enabled the orchestra to move forward and become the Midlands pre-eminent performing arts group.

The South Carolina Philharmonic is committed to performing live symphonic music and providing dynamic educational opportunities in the Midlands. We carry forward a legacy of passion for the music and embrace our responsibility to be a vibrant part of the cultural fabric of our diverse community. While perhaps best known for performances of live symphonic music on stage, staff and musicians work closely with local partners to develop inclusive educational outreach programs to fill the needs of the community.

During the pandemic, the SCP supported mental health in the community through “InTune,” a mindfulness exercise merging its music with a guided meditation by a psychiatrist. The orchestra partnered with senior care centers to present video concerts by musicians to individuals who were unable to leave their care facilities. Another virtual program, “From Our Homes to Yours,” was launched to provide a broader audience with a series of online concerts available for free.

Under Nakahara’s artistic leadership, the SCP developed programs that reach underserved communities.

  • “Conduct the Phil” concerts, where audience members conduct the orchestra, have been presented extensively throughout the Midlands at festivals, farmers markets, and the S.C. State Fair. They also engage those who might never have the chance to experience live symphonic music at places like Transitions Homeless Center, Epworth Children’s Home, the S.C. Department of Juvenile Justice and more.
  • “Healing Harmonies” concerts at Prisma Health, underserved eldercare facilities, and at the Dorn VA Medical Center provide soothing and uplifting music to patients, families, and staff.
  • Sensory-sensitive concerts are offered for neurodiverse members of the community, allowing children and adults who are normally unable to attend concert events to enter a safe and welcoming environment where clapping, movement and vocalization are accepted and embraced.
  • Educational partnerships enable children and adults of all ages to experience live symphonic music. Programming for K-12 students throughout the Midlands includes working with Title 1 schools to ensure that every student has a chance to hear live music.

Since February 2020 the SC Philharmonic has actively worked on its strategic plan, with the goals of equity, diversity and inclusion being at the top of the prioritized goals. This commitment is the core of the SC Phil’s vision of providing music for everyone in our community.

The South Carolina Governor’s Awards for the Arts are coming to SCETV on Sunday, May 19, 2024 at 7 p.m. ET.

South Carolina ETV, the state’s public educational broadcasting network, will broadcast the awards ceremony through its 11-station TV network that spans the state. Viewers can access the broadcast via livestream on the homepage of; by using a digital antenna; or through cable, satellite, and certain streaming live TV providers. Further information about accessing SCETV is available here.