Removing barriers for small org operating support grants

Accessibility continues to guide the S.C. Arts Commission’s approach to grant-making, and the agency is happy to announce changes to Operating Support for Small Organizations (OSS) grants that further that goal.

Much important work is done by smaller organizations, those with a budget of $75,000 or less. SCAC awarded $83,000 among 34 OSS grantees for FY19 to help them further their work and serve South Carolina citizens and visitors. As the name suggests, the unrestricted awards of up to $2,500 could, quite literally, allow a group to keep its lights on.

Removing barriers to applying for these grants is critical for organizations that have few, if any, full-time staff. As such, an application process that’s less rigorous and time-consuming is appropriate compared to that for larger organizations, which must instead apply for General Operating Support (GOS) grants.

So, what’s new for the FY20 cycle?

  • The awards now feature a two-year cycle, rather than one.
  • The match requirement is now 1:1 instead of 2:1. Every dollar awarded by the Arts Commission must only be matched once rather than twice. (For example, grantees must match a $1,000 grant with a $1,000 from their communities, rather than $2,000.)
  • An even more simplified application process, which had one requirement eliminated altogether among other changes.
  • On-going arts programs at non-arts organizations are now eligible for grants to support only that programming, as long as the budget for it is $75,000 or less.

Go here to learn more about OSS grants.