ONE WEEK left for award noms and SCAC fellowship apps

Time is nearly out!

One week from today, the window closes for two important S.C. Arts Commission programs. #SCartists to apply for $5,000 individual artist fellowships, which are grants honoring achievement in visual arts, craft, music composition, and music performance. Don’t miss out!

“These are unrestricted awards the Arts Commission uses to recognize artistic achievement by South Carolina’s exceptional artists,” SCAC Deputy Director Milly Hough said. That means artists can use the award to invest in their work with additional learning or supplies or use it to pay bills or buy groceries.

The process is competitive, but completely anonymous, Hough said. The panel of judges comes from other states, but applicants must be U.S. and South Carolina residents with a full-time residence in state for two years before applying and plans to remain in-state through the fellowship period (July 2019 through June 2020). Get more information and apply by clicking on our ad below.

Nominations for the Elizabeth O’Neill Verner Governor’s Awards for the Arts (right) are also due Thursday, Nov. 8. All it takes is one letter to start the process of awarding an artist, arts organization, business or foundation, government entity, individual, or arts educator/institution one of these prestigious awards for significant contributions to the arts in South Carolina . Don’t wait. Find out more now!

Hey, folk artists and advocates: Noms for the Jean Laney Harris Folk Heritage Awards are due at the same time. Here’s info on those.)

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