On the passing of William L. Kinney, Jr.

Rare recipient of both S.C. arts awards

Official Statement from the S.C. Arts Commission

The South Carolina Arts Commission expresses its sadness after learning that William L. Kinney, Jr. passed this past weekend at his Bennettsville home.

The U.S. Army veteran is remembered as a journalist, historian, and civic leader who was a life-long Bennettsville resident. Kinney has the distinction of being named recipient of both of South Carolina’s arts honors: the Governor’s Award for the Arts (2002, individual in business) and Jean Laney Harris Folk Heritage Award (2003, advocacy). He served as a congressional appointee to the board of trustees of the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress for 30 years, and was board chairman for three terms. His artistic exploits included singing bass in his church choir for 75 years.

The SCAC extends warm and sincere condolences to the surviving members of Kinney’s family with gratitude for his advocacy on behalf of folklife and traditional arts and other art forms in South Carolina.

South Carolina Arts Commission News Release, Media Contact: Jason L. Rapp, Communications Director. jrapp@arts.sc.gov or 803.734.8899