Looking for artist grants? Here are two!

SCAC $10,000 fellowships still open too

#SCArtists looking for grant opportunities have options with deadlines in the next four to five weeks. Both are significant cash awards.

South Arts logoSouth Arts: Individual Artist Career Opportunity Grants

  • APPLICATION DEADLINE: Monday, January 8, 2024

South Arts recognizes that an invitation to participate in a major milestone opportunity is not always enough. Even with stipends or payments, overall expenses can make such an opportunity inaccessible. To ensure that artists from its nine-state region can take full advantage of major opportunities, South Arts offers Individual Artist Career Opportunity Grants.

These grants support a milestone opportunity in an individual artist’s career that is likely to lead to substantial and significant career advancement. Grants of up to $2,000 are available to support eligible proposed and (new for this cycle!) completed (retroactive) opportunities taking place between July 1, 2023, and June 30, 2024.

These grants are open to artists across discipline, which is an important distinction. Keep reading for the reason we mention it.

Examples of opportunities that match the intent of this program include, but are not limited to curated invitations to participate in:

  • SOLO or GROUP EXHIBITIONS at recognized national or international galleries or museums
  • SELL, PRESENT, PERFORM original work at a significant in-person forum such as a major festival of renown, a juried showcase or similar
  • SCREENINGS, panels, associated with media arts projects
  • ARTIST RESIDENCIES for research or to create a body of work and build national or international networks across all artistic disciplines
  • TRAVEL associated with a significant career-building activity.

Learn more and apply for the South Arts opportunity.

Decorative imageSCAC: Individual Artist Fellowship Grants

  • APPLICATION DEADLINE: Tuesday, January 16, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. ET

Awarded annually to artists in rotating disciplines through a highly competitive process, SCAC fellowships recognize and reward the artistic achievements of South Carolina’s exceptional individual artists with $10,000 restriction-free awards.

Applications opened in October for the FY25 cycle, which will award artists in these disciplines:

  • Poetry
  • Spoken word/Slam poetry
  • Choreography & Directing (film theatre, opera)
  • Performance: dance, music, or acting (film or theatre)
  • Folklife and Traditional Arts (quilting, embroidery, sewing, beading, weaving, pottery, basketmaking, woodcarving, folk music, dance, or oral literature)

A diverse group of panelists from each discipline is selected to judge applicants. Awards are not made solely on artistic merit; consideration is also given to work samples, achievements, and commitment to the discipline in which artists apply. (Artists may apply in multiple categories with separate applications.)