Is your arts org at a crossroad?

New toolkit available for handling transitions

Intro webinar coming Thursday, Sept. 23

Over the last year, many arts and cultural organizations have found themselves at a crossroads of some sort.

Recognizing that arts leaders don’t always have the tools and information to weigh their options and make decisions in a proactive and thorough way, NCAPER has published The Arts Organizations at a Crossroads Toolkit: Managing Transitions and Preserving Assets, a free, online resource. The toolkit compiles guidance and material from highly regarded sources from across the country into a clear, easy-to-navigate web-based resource, now available at

Jan Newcomb, executive director of NCAPER, the National Coalition for Arts’ Preparedness and Emergency Response, said “The Arts Organizations at a Crossroads Toolkit was created to guide arts leaders through three significant transitions they are likely to face during their organization’s life: structural shifts; the loss of key staff/leadership; and recognizing that the artistic and physical assets they’ve created are worthy of protection and preservation.”

Each of these ‘crossroads’ is addressed in a section of the toolkit:

“The Performing Arts Readiness project continues to present a wide array of free webinars, including an introduction to The Arts Organizations at a Crossroads Toolkit on September 23,” said Tom Clareson, project director. “For arts leaders in all disciplines, these professional development opportunities present feasible and timely ways to ensure their organizations are more resilient, more prepared, and more sustainable.” Registration for the free webinar is now open.

The Crossroads toolkit is written and developed by Mollie Quinlan-Hayes and published and produced by NCAPER with generous support from the National Endowment for the Arts to South Arts, the administrative home of NCAPER, and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

The toolkit joins NCAPER’s expanding library of resources. Recently, NCAPER published An Arts Field Guide to Federal Disaster Relief, for Arts Organizations and Businesses, Artists and Cultural Workers. The field guide was created to help demystify federal disaster relief for the arts and culture sector by helping artists and arts organizations see what’s available, understand clearly what isn’t available, and decide if pursuing federal aid is a good use of time. The top programs of use to artists and arts organizations have been selected for inclusion.


The National Coalition for Arts’ Preparedness and Emergency Response/NCAPER, a voluntary task force of national, regional, state and local arts organizations, public agencies, and foundations the Coalition helps ensure that artists, arts/cultural organizations, cultural funders, and arts businesses have the capacity and ability to respond effectively to disasters and emergencies affecting the arts and culture sector.

About Performing Arts Readiness

The Performing Arts Readiness project was formed in the recognition that performing arts organizations are especially vulnerable to disasters and emergencies which can halt performances, sometimes indefinitely, and can put an organization out of business overnight. The project includes outreach and community engagement efforts; information resources; “Circuit Rider” mentoring programs; and grants for emergency networks and emergency preparedness plans.