Arts Daily / MoseleyNext: Rakish Irish Duo

MoseleyNext: Rakish Irish Duo

Violinist Maura Shawn Scanlin and guitarist Conor Hearn unite to form “Rakish.” In a performance that toes the line between concert music and session music, Rakish explores tunes and songs from Irish and American folk traditions in a way that reflects their shared interest in and love for old traditional tunes and chamber music. Friday, October 28 at 6:30 p.m. in Daniel Recital Hall at Converse University.

Our new MoseleyNext micro-series welcomes audience members looking to kick off the weekend with shorter, happy hour-style concerts on Friday evenings. Featuring a casual setting and earlier start time, this appealing combo of artistry and convenience is sure to make MoseleyNext a new favorite of young professionals, families, and connoisseurs alike!