Artist and Lake City High School students collaborate to create The Big Green Idea!

Art students at Lake City High School, along with artist-in-residence Patz Fowle of Hartsville, used discarded materials headed for landfills to create a work of art – a mixed media sculpture with a theme of The Big “Green” Idea! and fondly known as Epic Arthur.

Lake City High School Big Green IdeaThe sculpture was on display during ArtFields in Lake City and is currently being exhibited at the Lake City Public Library.

Lake City High School art teacher Krystal Fuentes said the sculpture will also travel to other libraries, and she hopes to find a location to permanently display the artwork in Lake City.

The 112 art students from six classes used post-consumer materials such as damaged books, Styrofoam from an archery range, a broken pinwheel, a discarded shower rod and plastic bottle caps to create the sculpture.

(Click on Epic Arthur’s photo to see a larger image.)

Fowle and her husband, Mike, along with Fuentes, guided the students for four days. “This is the largest collaborative piece I have done with students in all of my experiences as an artist-in-residence,” Fowle said.

The artist-in-residence program in Florence County School District Three is sponsored by a grant from the Lake City Concert Series.

Lake City High School Artist-in-Residency

Via: Florence School District Three; Patz Fowle