NFT Museum

The NFT Museum of Newberry, South Carolina is a contemporary digital art museum founded in October, 2021 by artist Robert Matheson. It is a safe space for artists and the community to explore digital art and technology in an effort to increase awareness and financial literacy both locally and online.

The museum’s physical location at 1110 Harrington St in Newberry, South Carolina features 2,700 sq ft of exhibition space for learning, experimentation and community gathering. The Museum is also cultivating an online community of like-minded creatives and supporters to explore remote learning and collaboration worldwide with plans to expand into various metaverse worlds.

The adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies is growing faster than the Internet. The educational and creative opportunities are limitless with the use of smart contract technology combined with the economic development incentives offered by these emerging crypto economies. By getting involved, our growing community can learn life-long financial literacy skills and interact with bleeding edge technology platforms that will drive innovation and economic development long into the future.

We are documenting this movement. We are helping create this movement. Join us. To learn more and plan your visit go to