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Bob Jones University’s Museum and Gallery

Bob Jones Museum and Gallery

The Old Master Painting Collection at the Museum & Gallery at Bob Jones University beautifully traces the artistic, cultural, and religious history of Western Europe from the 14th through 19th centuries. Works by recognized artists such as Rubens, van Dyck, Reni, Tintoretto, Le Brun, Cranach, Ribera, and Murillo are aesthetically exhibited with period furniture, sculpture, and tapestries to lend a period ambience to the galleries and give patrons a panoramic view of ages past. Of special note, M&G’s baroque paintings represent one of the most important collections in America.

Patrons enjoy both M&G’s Russian Icon Collection, which dates from the 14th through 20th centuries with several icons associated with the Romanovs, the last ruling family of Russia; and the Bowen Collection of Antiquities with artifacts that span 37 centuries and represent every day life from ancient Egyptian, Roman, and Hebrew cultures.