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John Carroll Doyle Art Gallery

Street view of John C. Doyle Art Gallery

The John C. Doyle Art Gallery has been in business for almost 40 years, as Mr. Doyle began painting with many other local Charleston painters in the 1970s when there were no galleries in Charleston.

He eventually began selling out of his home and famous studio on King Street in the 1980s, and then went on to open his own solo gallery at 54 Broad St. for many years while helping others in the art community do the same. Mr. Doyle passed away in November 2014 after completing well over 2000 paintings in his prolific career.

It was his specific wish for the gallery to continue on with his namesake, and to add other skilled artists to celebrate his legacy. We have been located at 125 Church St. since 2008, and offer many original oils, sketches, and photography by Mr. Doyle, as well as over 200 high quality reproductions on canvas in all of the various subjects he painted – from blue hydrangeas to blues musicians.

We also represent 10 other local, national, and international artists, including fellow Charleston artists Margaret Petterson and Anne Maree Lawrence. Margaret’s vibrant original oils and unique mixed media monotypes reflect the Lowcountry in a kindred way to Anne Maree’s whimsical watercolors in eclectic subjects inspired by our southern living.