Dark Room Theatre & The Darkroom

Dark Room Theatre is focused on unique, inquisitive and relevant theatre, involving social issues, raw emotions, and complete immersion in theatre.  We involve a core group of actors and directors that pushes the envelope by performing different types of shows not offered in the South Carolina Upstate.  Our mission to entertain only scratches the surface.  We wish to inspire, amaze, empower, and educate other artists and individuals in our community.  We strive to develop original productions and experimental and traditional shows that inform, challenge, and create dialogue.

Dark Room Theatre operates as an artistic co-op, meaning an open, creative space where all artists can express, showcase and teach their craft to the public. We host movie night and offer classes from local artists.

Our space can be used as a gallery, band performance or rehearsal space, dance or yoga studio, film production set, or a classroom for any type of class.