Performing / Theaters

Circular Congregational Church

Circular’s music ministry strives to create an atmosphere in which worshipers from all backgrounds can deepen their worship experience and feel encouraged to participate in the music and prayers of the service. We use many different kinds of music in various settings so all may find something meaningful.

Circular’s Musicians
Our congregation has many talented musicians who play a wide array of musical instruments. They accompany the choir for larger works and for specific services.

Jazz Vespers (Second Sunday at 6:00 p.m.)
Using the talents of guest jazz and blues musicians, Jazz Vespers incorporates the freedom and improvisation of jazz with prayer and mindfulness in a unique, special worship.

Pipe Organ
Music at Circular is enhanced by an exceptional 1890 Tracker organ built by George S. Hutchings for a church in Boston. The organ was moved here and restored in our choir loft in 1987 by Vernon S. Elliott, Circular’s organist and choir director at that time.