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ABC Project certifies two new schools

[caption id="attachment_48762" align="aligncenter" width="600"] A student completes a STEAM project at an ABC-certified school.[/caption]

The Arts in Basic Curriculum (ABC) Project is growing by two schools.

This week, Midlands Arts Conservatory and Fort Dorchester High School received ABC School Certification for exemplary efforts to provide quality, comprehensive arts education to all students. Designation as an ABC School is achieved through a rigorous certification process. “Being certified as an ABC School means your school is ready and willing to serve as a model for others across the state and across the nation,” said ABC Project Director Dr. Kim Wilson. “ABC Schools know the ‘why’ to their often unconventional and courageous choices. They can provide the pedagogical rationale, evidence and data to support those choices, and models of practice to clearly communicate the benefits of the arts to others.”
  • Midlands Arts Conservatory is Midlands Arts Conservatory (MAC) is a free, public charter school located in downtown Columbia. MAC students spend approximately half of the school day studying core academic courses and half their day in their chosen core fine arts course of study: dance, music (strings), theatre, or visual arts. Midlands Arts Conservatory prepares students for arts-related careers, a lifelong appreciation of the arts, and for high quality postsecondary studies. The school provides an arts-enriched personalized learning environment, integrating academic rigor and quality arts instruction for all students.
  • Fort Dorchester High School, located in North Charleston, is one of three high schools in Dorchester District Two. The high school serves a diverse student population of multicultural ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds. It is the vision of Fort Dorchester High School is to prepare students for college and career readiness and make meaningful connections. Fort offers many programs that provide hands-on, real-world experiences: CATE (Career and Technology Education), culinary, visual arts, media arts, theatre, instrumental music, choral music, photography, and more. The Fort Dorchester High School vision is driven by these real-world experiences and the desire to foster awareness and advocacy for the arts.
All ABC Schools must have an approved three to five-year arts education strategic plan. Such commitments require grant-writing, creative partnerships, and specialized professional development. “ABC-certified schools believe that the arts are an essential component in the basic curriculum and are central to student development. Each school is unique, but all understand how to make meaningful connections to art in all aspects of life and learning, understand how an arts-rich environment inspires creativity, and the role the arts play in defining our students’ diverse cultures but defining a schools’ inclusive culture,” Wilson (right) said. The South Carolina Arts Commission makes ABC Advancement Grants available to ABC-certified schools who apply for support as they work to implement standards-based art curricula and to make the arts an integral part of the basic curriculum and daily classroom instruction. This commitment is achieved through partnerships with several neighboring companies, organizations, and/or individuals to help the schools meet their vision of being an ABC Certified School. For a complete list of ABC-certified schools across the state and or to learn more about ABC Project, visit ABCProjectSC.com.
ABOUT THE ARTS IN BASIC CURRICULUM PROJECT Established in 1987, founded by the belief that all students deserve equal access to quality arts education as an essential educational promise, the ABC Project is cooperatively governed by the South Carolina Arts Commission, the South Carolina Department of Education, and Winthrop University. ABC Project fulfills its mission through three strategic goals focused on best practices, research, and policy. Visit ABCProjectSC.com or call 803.323.2451, and follow @abcprojectsc on social media. ABOUT THE SOUTH CAROLINA ARTS COMMISSION A state agency created by the South Carolina General Assembly in 1967, the SCAC works to increase public participation in the arts by providing grants, direct programs, staff assistance and partnerships in four areas: arts learning, community and traditional arts, artist development, and arts industry. Headquartered in Columbia, S.C., the SCAC is funded by the state of South Carolina, by the federal government through the National Endowment for the Arts, and other sources. Visit SouthCarolinaArts.com or call 803.734.8696, and follow @scartscomm on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for #Arts4SC and #SCartists content.  

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Midlands arts school chosen for COVID art project

[caption id="attachment_46656" align="aligncenter" width="487"] Rubi by 7th grader Rubi Bouknight[/caption] From ColaDaily.com:

The Midlands Arts Conservatory was chosen as one of ten schools nationwide to participate in an art project titled, “COVID-19 & Me: Changes in My World."

Students were encouraged to create artworks featuring their experiences throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

This initiative is a partnership with the World Awareness Children’s Museum of Glens Falls, New York, and is led by the museum’s executive director, Bethanie Muska Lawrence and Russell Serrianne, curator of collections & exhibitions.

Read more from Meera Bhonslé at ColaDaily.com.

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Midlands Arts Conservatory receives $10,000 grant

Lipscomb Family Foundation grant supports pianos

black and white piano keyboard
The Lipscomb Family Foundation just awarded a grant of $10,000 to the Midlands Arts Conservatory (MAC) to help fund the purchase of a piano lab for the school. The total cost for the piano lab, which includes one teacher piano and 15 electronic student pianos, is $34,882. Rice Music House has already donated $7,681 towards the project and has also loaned MAC the Lab for this academic year. In order to fully fund the Lab, MAC still needs to raise about $17,000 from local donors and other foundations. The Midlands Arts Conservatory (MAC) is a free public charter school in Columbia with a focus on visual arts, theater, dance, and music. The mission is to prepare students for academic and personal success in an environment that promotes intellectual curiosity, cultural literacy, and a deep appreciation of the arts. MAC currently consists of students in 6th, 7th and 8th grades, and it will continue to add one new grade every year until it is a full 6-12th grade school. Students at MAC receive three hours of academic instruction each day and three hours of instruction in their art area. Daily music instruction at MAC includes Suzuki strings (violin, viola, cello), as well as music theory, ear training, music history, piano and choir. For more information, contact Head of Schools Brad Tillman at brad.tillman@midlandsartsconservatory.org or visit the MAC website at http://midlandsartsconservatory.org. MAC is located at 3806 North Main St. in Columbia.
Photo by Daniel Spase from Pexels

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Arts charter school to open in Columbia this fall

The Midlands Arts Conservatory (MAC) is pleased to announce our new school facility at 3806 North Main St. in Columbia. The school will open in fall 2018 with a focus on the visual arts, theater, dance and music. MAC’s principal is Ms. Shannon Hickey, an educator with 20 years experience working as a principal, senior school administrator, assistant principal, and fine arts and athletics departments director as well as a music teacher, band director, chorus director, and classroom teacher. The school will hold informational meetings for parents and the community at 6 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday in June at 3806 North Main St., the former Imagine building. MAC will provide a free, public education that effectively combines arts and academics. The school will open in the fall of 2018 with 6th and 7th grades, and will add a grade level each year until 12th grade opens in 2023. The Midlands Arts Conservatory will be free for any South Carolina resident student in the appropriate grade level who has an interest in the arts and is willing to meet the high academic expectations of the school. The school will be staffed with highly qualified arts and academic instructors in an environment that provides training, exposure and practical application in the arts and the integration of arts into the academics of the school. The student-teacher ratio in classes will be no higher than 20 to 1 and lower in specialized arts areas. MAC will have small group and individualized instruction in the arts with a wide spectrum of academic support available. The MAC Planning Committee members understand the importance of a high-quality arts education for young people. They want to ensure that every child in the Midlands has the opportunity to experience the power of creative self-expression. For more information:

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Public arts charter school plans to open in Columbia

MIdlands Arts ConservatoryA committee of arts professionals, educators, parents and community members plans to open an arts charter school in Columbia. The Midlands Arts Conservatory (MAC) will have a focus on the visual arts, theater, dance and music. MAC will provide a free, public education that combines arts and academics. The school will be open to any South Carolina resident student in the appropriate grade level who has an interest in the arts and is willing to meet the high academic expectations of the school. The first informational meeting for parents and the community will be held on Nov. 29 from 3 - 4 p.m. in the USC School of Music Recital Hall at 813 Assembly Street, Columbia. Parking is available in the garage behind the School of Music. If approved, the school will open in the fall of 2017 with sixth and seventh grades and will add a grade level each year, reaching 12th grade in 2022. The school will launch with a total of 120 students -- three classes of 20 students at each grade level. The school will be staffed with highly qualified arts and academic instructors in an environment that provides training, exposure and practical application in the arts and the integration of arts into academics. The student-teacher ratio in classes will be no higher than 20-to-1 and lower in specialized arts areas. MAC will have small group and individualized instruction in the arts with a wide spectrum of academic support, including online instruction and individualized academic instruction on a needs basis. For more information, visit the website or contact Dr. Robert Jesselson at (803) 777-2033. Via: Midland Arts Conservatory