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SCAC recognized with award by Hispanic Alliance

The South Carolina Arts Commission was surprised with the Campeón Award by the Hispanic Alliance last week at its annual black-tie event, La Fiesta.

The Campeón Award recognizes organizations pioneering outreach to underserved communities. Winners of the award:
  • bring partners together around social issues,
  • affect courageous systemic change to leverage our collective ability to lift those in need,
  • and create a supportive infrastructure where every individual has the opportunity to thrive.
From Hispanic Alliance Executive Director Adela Mendoza:

As our state’s Hispanic population grows, the arts can build a powerful and effective bridge between cultures. The [South Carolina] Arts Commission established a strategic partnership with the Hispanic Alliance in 2019 to build the organization’s capacity to foster connectivity, promote dialogue, and encourage greater understanding of the unique traditions that help build the mosaic of the American experience. This investment allowed Hispanic Alliance to make Greenville the first city on the East Coast to bring the internationally acclaimed Wings of the City exhibit. This was the first monumental public installation by a Mexican artist in Falls Park.

Accepting the award on behalf of the agency were Executive Director David Platts and Artist Development Director Ce Scott-Fitts.

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Hispanic Alliance welcomes arts and education director

The Greenville-based Hispanic Alliance announced Gina Bridges as its arts and education director.

Bridges has experience in developing community-based programs, building community relationships and networks, developing strong partnerships within the school district, and creating culturally appropriate education and marketing materials to promote programs. She is an avid art enthusiast and has developed art programs within local schools that provide opportunities for youth to learn about and experience art. She has a dual Bachelor of Arts degree in international studies and Spanish from Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania and has completed graduate coursework and workshops in African American history and urban sociology at Penn State University.
The Hispanic Alliance fosters collaboration and connectivity among people, resources, and cultures to build thriving communities. Learn more at https://www.hispanicalliancesc.com/.

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Hispanic Alliance seeks arts + education director


The Hispanic Alliance (HA) seeks an entrepreneurial, arts-focused individual who can turn the goals of a joint project between Hispanic Alliance, the South Carolina Arts Commission (SCAC), and the South Carolina Department of Education (SCDE) into a reality.

The three-year project seeks to support the SCDE’s expansion of arts learning initiatives. SCDE has partnered with SCAC, who in turn will administer and deploy resources to support numerous arts-based pilot projects across the state. Hispanic Alliance’s project, one such pilot, aims to support early education and diversity by curating arts experiences for young students to interact with art by diverse artists. The goals of the project are:
  1. To celebrate Hispanic cultures and help build pride in the richness of the diverse traditions of South Carolina’s growing Hispanic/Latinx community.
  2. To foster collaboration across cultures and community building by supporting projects that celebrate multiculturalism and diversity.
  3. To build capacity within local and statewide educational systems to equitably serve Hispanic/Latinx students.

The role

A successful individual in the role of arts and education director will be able to connect several parties into a series of tangible efforts, including but not limited to: diverse artists, SCDE and SCAC representatives, school officials, parents, students, HA stakeholders, in-school and out-of-school educators, and community members. The person will be familiar with art, artists, and art curriculum but also be able to navigate the nuances of grant management, SCDE and SCAC goals and measurements, and state dynamics to ensure final products are high quality, in alignment with stated goals, and are sustainable into the future. Go here to download the job description.

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Art exhibit spreads wings in the Upstate

'Wings of the City' on display in Greenville

[caption id="attachment_46737" align="aligncenter" width="600"]A man in a red shirt poses with giant bronze wings displayed in an outdoor art exhibition 'Wings of the City' on display in San Antonio, Texas.[/caption]

It's no secret that Greenville has really taken off...

As further evidence, the city is first East Coast landing spot of a famed art exhibit called Wings of the City. The traveling exhibition of Mexican sculptor Jorge Marin's work has giant bronze wings outdoors in Falls Park and on the Peace Center campus. His "Alas de Mexico" sculpture, shown above, is part of the fun and obviously 'gram-worthy if you're so inclined. The Hispanic Alliance of Greenville, a partner of the S.C. Arts Commission, helped make the exhibition a reality. Bank of America, a Governor's Award recipient in 2018, is sponsor. Read more about this from Fox Carolina.

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Hispanic Alliance launches ‘Noches de Cine’

A film festival for Hispanic Heritage Month

Groundbreaking film can serve many purposes: entertaining, inspiring, and broadening our view of the world.

Its highest achievement might be the generation of empathy. The camera’s lens bypasses our conscious defenses by placing us within the story and allowing us to experience it on a nearly visceral level--forcing us to reconcile this experience with our current views. It reorients us to greater truths. In Honor of Hispanic Heritage Month 2020, Hispanic Alliance and the South Carolina Arts Commission invite you to experience the stories, values, and struggles of Hispanic people through movies and documentaries curated by the Hispanic students of HOLA at Furman University. We include movies in Spanish and English, including docudramas, fantastical tales, and untold histories. The Noches de Cine Top 10 were chosen for their superior ability to elevate the perception of Hispanic and Latin art, and to inspire constructive dialogue on relevant issues. These films sculpt a three-dimensional model to replace our flat stereotypes of diverse Hispanic and Latin cultures, and the immigrant experience, in particular.​ Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15. To learn more, GVL Today has an excellent overview of events in that community written by The Hub's new friend Lindsey Tabor of Hispanic Alliance. Use "Noches de Cine" to guide your community’s celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, as part of an educational curriculum, or for your own journey towards greater compassion and understanding through art.

Noches de Cine Top 10

Movies to watch during Hispanic Heritage Month
  • Immigration Nation (Netflix)
  • Street Food Latin America (Netflix)
  • McFarland, USA (Hulu)
  • The 33 (Netflix)
  • César Chávez (YouTube)
  • The Book of Life (Amazon Prime)
  • Underwater Dreams (Amazon Prime)
  • La Jaula De Oro/The Golden Dream (DVD on Amazon)
  • Underdogs (Netflix)
  • Frida (Netflix)
Subscriptions are required for most streaming services except YouTube. Click here to visit the Hispanic Alliance's Noches de Cine page for additional information on each film. (The Hub has already picked out a few. - Ed.) There is even a printable viewing guide available.

A new strategic partnership forged

South Carolina Arts Commission welcomes the Hispanic Alliance, based in Greenville, as a new strategic partner to enable better service for and outreach to the Latinx community in the Upstate and beyond. We similarly work with Art Pot in Hanahan for similar ventures in the Lowcountry. Collaborations like "Noches de Cine" increase our ability to work with underrepresented groups and artists.
Main page photo by cottonbro from Pexels

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