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Community change leaders invited to apply for Creative Community Fellowship

Do you have an idea for an arts and cultural project that would solve a problem in your community? If so, National Arts Strategies invites you to apply for a Creative Community Fellowship. The Creative Community Fellows program has been developed for individuals leading community change through arts and culture. NAS is looking for curious, open and collaborative leaders who are interested in learning and sharing what they learn, who are dedicated to creating healthy neighborhoods and who will recognize and seize opportunities for change. You do not have to be affiliated with an organization. The program is open to applicants from rural, urban, suburban and international communities. International applicants can only apply for the online track. The program is about community action. All Fellows enter the program with an idea for a cultural project that responds to a problem they want to solve in their communities. All tuition, including lodging and meals, is completely underwritten. Fellows are only responsible for their transportation. With the support of The Kresge Foundation, National Arts Strategies built the Creative Community Fellows program for leaders working in this space. Fellows receive tools, training and access to a community of support. This combination will fuel their visions for community change, sparking new ideas and helping propel them into action. This community of change-makers, combined with Fellows from the first cohort, will create a powerful network in which ideas and opportunities flow freely. The inaugural class demonstrated how the collective wisdom of Fellows, mentors, faculty and communities fuels each project and creates a global dialogue about the ways in which culture can restore and animate communities. The Creative Community Fellows program is presented in partnership with the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Social Policy & Practice and The Center for Social Impact Strategy. Application deadline is April 26. Find out more online. Via: National Arts Strategies

Creative Community Fellows program open to cultural “entrepreneurs”

Have a great idea for a creative placemaking project but no time to get it off the ground? Take advantage of National Arts Strategies’ new Creative Community Fellows Program, which includes a week-long retreat with fellow cultural “entrepreneurs,” a distance learning track, and an opportunity to pitch to funders and/or create crowdfunding campaigns. Applications are due May 7. The Creative Community Fellows program will bring together a unique community of innovators committed to using arts and culture to design solutions for community problems. Led by experts and world-renowned thought leaders in social innovation, design thinking and creative placemaking, Fellows gain the tools, skills and networks to activate the ideas that will transform their communities. The residential track will bring together 22 entrepreneurs under one roof for a week of learning and fostering connections. The online track for 28 Fellows will accommodate entrepreneurs who may not be able to travel. All 50 Fellows will connect online as a single community, sharing monthly updates on their projects’ progress and providing feedback on others’ updates. Visit the National Arts Strategies website to learn more about the program and get involved. Apply to become a Fellow or share this information with those in your network. Via: National Arts Strategies