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Walterboro to host 20th annual South Carolina Humanities Festival

Walterboro, S.C. and the Colleton Museum & Farmers Market are rolling out the red carpet for humanities, culture, and arts during the 20th annual South Carolina Humanities Festival, taking place March 6 - 9, 2014. Colleton MuseumSponsored by The Humanities CouncilSC, the festival offers more than 25 cultural opportunities over four days. Events include a World War II Symposium, a sweetgrass basket making course, a Gullah rag quilt class, tours of artists' studios, a guided driving tour of Colleton County, a gardening workshop, and much more. Many events are free; some require reservations and ticket purchases. The evening event on March 7 is a screening of the film Homegoings. The film takes an up-close look at the rarely seen world of undertaking in the black community, where funeral rites draw on a rich palette of tradition, history and celebration. Following the film, a panel will discuss South Carolina homegoing traditions, and participants can enjoy A Soulful Dinner with Soul Music. For a complete schedule and ticket information, visit the The Humanities CouncilSC website. The festival is presented by The Colleton Museum & Farmers Market in partnership with the South Carolina Artisans Center, Colleton Center, Colleton County Arts Council, Colleton County Historical & Preservation Society, Colleton County Memorial Library, Walterboro - Colleton Chamber of Commerce, City of Walterboro and Colleton County.

Job opening: Colleton County Arts Council executive director

The Colleton County Arts Council is seeking an energetic, self-motivated individual with a heart for the arts to be its new executive director. Flexible schedule and growth opportunities. Base salary from 28K to 35K commensurate with experience and proposed work plan. Must be able to manage time wisely and manage teachers, performers and other contractors. The ED is responsible for program management, program development, supporting fund raising activities and overall marketing. A relevant degree is preferred, however equivalent experience is acceptable. For more information, or to apply, email CCARTS@lowcountry.com, or call Hank Amundson at (843) 599-0865. Job Description The executive director position is full-time including some evenings and weekends.  The ED works with and for the board of directors and reports directly to the board chairman.  The ED is responsible for attending monthly board meetings and providing a progress report to the full board.

  1. Program Management: Plan and implement all aspects of yearly artistic programs and handles all contracts with artists and performers.
  2. Fund Raising: Responsible for creating and evaluating an annual fund raising plan. The ED and board of directors are responsible for executing this plan together. The ED, board president and fund raising committee will evaluate the effectiveness of the organization in reaching goals according to the plan and will report to board quarterly on the progress of fund raising efforts.
  3. Budgeting: Work with the finance committee to develop an annual operating budget to be approved by the entire board.  Project specific budget will be created by the ED and shared with the finance committee. ED will manage cash flow, accounting and financial record keeping, which will be monitored by the CCAC treasurer. An outside CPA will handle the annual audit of fiscal operations.
  4. Personnel Management:  Hire, fire, manage and evaluate part time, full time paid staff AND volunteers. ED will provide job descriptions for staff and volunteers. Personnel will report directly to the ED (in the event that there is an issue with the ED, personnel will speak with the board chairman).
  5. Marketing:  Responsible for all marketing materials for the organization including:
    1. Sponsorship materials
    2. Direct mail appeal components
    3. Ads
    4. Fliers
    5. Managing social media (including the website)
    6. Newsletters
    7. Correspondence with donors (mailings)
    8. End of year / promotional materials (ie: annual reports, brochures, etc.)
    9. Public relations
  6. General Office Management: In the absence of a paid office manager, the ED will be responsible for all email correspondence, telephone calls, general maintenance of the building, etc.
(Editor's note: The organization's website is out-of-date, but provided here for reference.) Via: Colleton County Arts Council