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2nd Act Film Project returns Oct. 30 in Columbia

Two screenings at Trustus Theatre

The 2nd Act Film Project, an endeavor of the Jasper Project, will premier its 6th season of short films on October 30 at Trustus Theater in Columbia’s historic Vista. There will be two screenings, at 7 and 9:15 p.m. Tickets are $15-20 and are available via Eventbrite.com. Ten filmmaking teams, selected from an open call for entries, will each debut an original short film having been provided with the 1st and 3rd acts of a screenplay and tasked with writing the 2nd act and creating the film in its entirety. Teams are provided a small stipend to fund their projects. The 2019 2nd Act Film Project teams are led this year by David Axe, Ian O’Briant, Amy Brower, William Woody, Jennifer Baxley, Sean Parsons, Silas Rowland, Henry Coonrod, Taiyen Stevenson, and Daniel Colella. Wade Sellers is the project director. For more information on the 2nd Act Film Project, go to www.secondactfilmafestival.com.

About the 2nd Act Film Project

The 2nd Act Film Project is a unique take on the film project concept. The goal of the 2nd Act Film Project is to promote the growth of independent filmmaking in Columbia and grow the network of independent filmmakers throughout South Carolina. Founded in 2013, the project has already produced 50 films. The 2nd Act Film Project Is presented by the Jasper Project - a non-profit arts organization based in Columbia (www.JasperProject.org).

Ready to write a movie?

Have you always wanted to write a movie? Here’s your chance to take the first step toward that dream. Filmmaker Ron Hagell is offering a six-part introductory screenwriting course beginning Tues., Nov. 26, from 6 - 8 p.m. at the Tapps Art Center, 1644 Main Street in Columbia. Registration is $150 with a discounted rate of $100 for students (18 or over) and teachers. Participants are expected to attend six classes and begin the process toward the completion of a feature-length screenplay. Contact Hagell to register (r.hagell@gmail.com or (917) 216 2098) or register in person at the Nov. 26 class. Registrations will be accepted through Dec. 3. The first three classes are Nov. 26, Dec, 3 & 10, 2013; the additional three classes are Jan. 14, 21 & 28, 2014. Each class meets from 6 - 8 p.m. Ron HagellThe course will cover story structure, character development and motivation, as well as methods for getting started and continuing toward your goal. All participants will receive critical feedback and gain confidence in preparation of industry standard scripts. According to Hagell, “this course is designed for all sorts of filmmakers and films, from shorts and commercials to longer form documentaries and features. It’s all about telling stories and moving an audience." Hagell has more than 30 years of experience teaching media writing, production and performance at universities in Europe, the UK and here in the U.S. His work was selected for the 2013 Expecting Goodness Short Film Festival and Jasper Magazine's 2nd Act Film Festival. More information is available online: https://sites.google.com/site/columbiascreenwriting/ Note: Applications for the 2014 Expecting Goodness Film festival are due Dec. 31, 2013.