Sphinx Meta Theater Festival invites #SCartists’ collaboration

Asian woman with virtual reality glasses headset touching air during the VR experience, Young asia business team developers meeting with virtual reality simulator application test at creative office,

South Carolina filmmaker Yili Fan is inviting artists to collaborate on the #StopAndTalk project, a collective intelligence artwork for the Sphinx Meta Theater Festival on April 15 through May 5, 2023.

Yili Fan is a South Carolina artist who has won awards at international theater and film festivals. She is inviting collaborators to participate in her ongoing performance artwork #StopAndTalk for the Sphinx Meta Theater Festival. From April 15 to May 7, as the first global metaverse theater festival, it will be held in a hybrid format both globally online and in performance locations in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and the seaside town of Aranya in China.

Yili Fan’s #StopAndTalk project is a collective intelligence performance artwork that invites planetary citizens from all over the world to generate solutions, express concerns, and take action on the new possibilities for humanity’s community building in a new space, such as the metaverse.

There are three options for the #StopAndTalk collaboration:

  1. Join the quiz game.
  2. Record a 3-minute presentation video.
  3. Join a 1-minute video challenge.

For more information, please visit www.yilifan.space or email yili.fan@gmail.com, and follow Yili Fan on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for #StopAndTalk and Fill the Space content.