South Arts offers tax basics class for creatives

Jan. 26 from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (webinar)

Those of us who are working stiff types know, almost instinctively, that January ushers in tax season.

Checking the inbox (or mailbox still, perhaps) for the ol’ W-2 form becomes compulsive habitual come mid-month, and then there is gathering up your donation receipts, other receipts, the mortgage statement for many, and other such paperwork that you’ll need in preparation for April 15 (well, apparently the 17th in 2023).

But many creative types do not dabble in the working stiff arts, and the rhythms of office life might escape you. Heck, you might not even know exactly what common forms and papers you’ll need to prepare your taxes. (Which is totally fine, but you still need that info.)

Fortunately, our partners at South Arts have timely help for creative entrepreneurs.

As part of Tax Basics for Creatives, registrants can expect to “master the basics of U.S. Federal income taxes so they can file 2022’s taxes with ease (or at least less stress) and plan for 2023’s.” That means:

  • Identify ordinary and necessary deductions common to creative businesses
  • Review the overall U.S. Federal income tax landscape
  • Identify records to retain for tax purposes and effective systems for tracking expenses and income

Per South Arts, this course “is best for folks who have a bit of experience running a creative business and who have filed taxes at least once or twice. A bit of experience will make the information in this course make more sense. Examples in the course will cover stories from visual, literary, and performing artists.”

Sound like something that can benefit you? Get more information and register here. It’s free.