Josephine Humphreys on writing, inspiration and the true essence of South Carolina

Author Josephine Humphreys is the most recent South Carolinian profiled in a series of interviews created by EnvisionSC and published in The State newspaper.

“Josephine Humphreys loves this place. South Carolina, especially Charleston, has served as the backdrop for three of her four novels and she credits it for providing the inspiration that has propelled her to local and national acclaim.

She is a native Charlestonian, and though she has traveled the world, admits that she could never see herself straying too far from the salty, warm air and delightful town folk of her beloved city. She believes in the beauty and charm of her native state and aspires for it to achieve the artistic pinnacles she knows South Carolina is capable of reaching.

To hear her speak is to delve into the world of a writer who is circumspect and thoughtful with unbridled enthusiasm for the place that she loves.

Recently Humphreys met with Phil Noble to discuss among other things, writing, inspiration, and the true essence of South Carolina.”

Read the complete interview and watch the video.

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Via: The State, EnvisionSC