HUB101: Submission Tips

The South Carolina Arts Commission proudly offers The Hub and Arts Daily for two reasons.

1) The SCAC wants all South Carolina residents and visitors to be aware of all the great South Carolina arts news, events, and venues.

2) The SCAC wants to help YOU promote arts events, happenings, and opportunities to all South Carolina residents and visitors.

While SCAC communications staff curate The Hub and Arts Daily, content is also driven by reader submissions—particularly the events that populate Arts Daily.

If you work in the arts and are tasked with promoting news and/or events, we’re here to help. Those of us who work in the arts sector tend to fall into one of two categories. You’re either A) a “lifer” with 10 or more years experience at (often the same but sometimes) two or three arts organizations or you’re B) brand spankin’ new. (Look, we know there’s middle ground because B’s can’t turn into A’s overnight, but please go with it for now.)

At any given moment there are several who fall into the latter category. And from time to time everyone needs refresher. So welcome to HUB101. Class is in session.

Got news? Submit Story.

“We’re looking for news and stories about the arts in South Carolina. Have you had a great arts experience?  Do you have a story idea about how the arts made a difference? Have you received an arts award? Does your organization have an arts job opening? Share your news with us, and we may share it with our readers!”

This is the spot for your important news releases: Hirings, milestone seasons, significant guest artists, prizes or awards given or received, and the like. We also take job postings. Got a new twist on something familiar? Doing something groundbreaking? Let’s have it.

The common thread here is newsworthiness. We’re a news aggregator for the arts in South Carolina. That said, believe us: we exercise editorial discretion on the regular. Not everything makes it (and there can be many reasons for that, to include lack of newsworthiness, our workload, etc.), but that doesn’t mean don’t try. If your try is newsworthy and well written, there’s a good chance we’ll help you amplify across the state and beyond.

Got events? Submit Event.

Arts Daily is the events calendar arm of The Hub. Many, many people are familiar with it because of its unique, statewide promotion component. Things that make sense on Arts Daily include:

  • – Openings and exhibitions
  • – Performances (dance, music, theatre, etc.)
  • – Lectures
  • – Calls for art
  • – Calls for nominations


No event is too big or too small. Sure, it needs to have an arts connection, but here are the two biggest things you need to know:

  • – Please make it concise (brief!) and well written. An actual, live person reviews and edits every submission. Real talk: Guess which submissions get approved?
  • – And once more, with feeling: Please submit at least one month in advance and allow up to 10 working days for your listing to appear. This is the big one. You planned ahead for your event. Plan ahead for promotion. In order to make it to Arts Daily, your event needs to be submitted at least one (1) month in advance, if not before. And because of the approval process, particularly this time of year when everyone’s season starts in the same six-week window and artists and organizations are submitting all their events, we need 10 business days to get them posted.


Editorial discretion can come into play with Arts Daily, but less so than The Hub. The vast majority of submissions are approved. Answer the five W’s (and one H), slap a link and phone number on there, and give us a JPG at no greater than 1400px x 500px saved for web at at least 72dpi quality, and you’re in a good position to get your event in front of a statewide audience on the web.

Got a new spot? Submit Venue.

It’s not often that new venues crop up, but it happens. In order for an event to be posted, we need to know about your venue.