Candice Glover takes American Idol crown

When Candice Glover was announced as the next American Idol on Thursday night, her six younger siblings didn’t hold back.

As soon as the word “Candice” left host Ryan Seacrest’s mouth, they jumped from their seats — chairs were overturned, screams filled the air and tears poured out from her family, who were at The Preserve in Port Royal for a watch party.

Her brother Jonathan’s entire body shook uncontrollably in celebration.

“I almost knocked an old lady down by mistake,” he said.

Her brother Carlos was lifted in the air by his friends.

“I went bonkers,” he said. “I acted out a lot. I just cried.”

Her sister Bethany cried as friends hugged her.

Back in Hollywood, Glover was even more emotional after finding out she had received more votes than fellow finalist Kree Harrison of Woodville, Texas.

“I can’t even … oh my God, it’s been three years,” said Glover, who had auditioned for the show, now in its 12th season, twice before.

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Via: Island Packet