ArtsEdSearch: a research road map for arts education

Educators, parents, community leaders. artists, arts organizations and policymakers have a new, user-friendly resource to explain and advocate for the role of arts education in preparing students to succeed. ArtsEdSearch is a one-stop shop for reliable and objective research that examines how education in the arts affects students’ cognitive, personal, social and civic development. Developed by the Arts Education Partnership, ArtsEdSearch is a well-designed matrix of topics including education setting, educational level and types of outcomes. Readers can find summaries of “What We Know” and a “List of Studies” for each area of arts education from early childhood through adult/lifelong learning. Because ArtsEdSearch is designed to be an interactive, growing resource, each area includes “Questions for New Research” to build on the existing research base.

Visit The Arts Education Partnership’s website to use ArtsEdSearch. You’ll also find ongoing discussions among educators and others beginning to use ArtsEdSearch data to inform decision making.

Via: Arts Education Partnership


The ArtsEdSearch matrix