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Stone Soup Storytelling Festival

The Stone Soup Storytelling Festival held April 16-19 in Woodruff, SC, is a world of stories presented by the Stone Soup Storytelling Institute. The festival starts on April 16 with a Soup’n’Story Gala. This year’s tellers are Leeny Del Seamonds, Diane Macklin, Anthony Burcher, Lona Bartlett, Denise Bennett, and Darion McCloud with friends. The event schedule includes- on Friday, Lunch and Laugh, Friday Night Lights, Ghost Stories Stone Soup. Saturday offers two workshops – Storytelling and School Standards and Sprouting Stories 101 along with New Voices, the My Tale- Amateur Competition, Tall Tale and Liar’s Competition and concluding with the Tell It All Finale and after party- Time Well Spent. Sunday morning share some quiet time with Denise Bennett and Sacred Stories.