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Social Distancing – Our Response

“How do artists respond to Social Distancing? How does it affect our creative process? Can we use this moment of loneliness, pondering and tinkering to create and produce art?” Columbia, South Carolina artist Alejandro García Lemos has created “Social Distancing – Our Response,” a grassroots and online-only event, inviting artists in a range of disciplines to participate in a response to the effects of social distancing on their work. Started in March 2020, the project already has more than a dozen artists participating, not only from South Carolina and the U.S. but also from other countries, including Mexico and Colombia. Artists can submit pieces they’re working on during the time of social distancing, with a short description of their work (100 words maximum) and a link to their websites. Works and information will be posted daily to the project’s website, through November 17th.