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P-Nut: 65 Years of Unity & Community

Charleston-born artist Joseph “P-Nut” Johnsons was first known for the impromptu napkin poetry written in downtown bars, which gained him a dedicated fan base. His unique folk poetry is inspired by his surroundings, neighborhood and life in the Lowcountry. A few years ago, he began painting, using canvas and found materials like cardboard, and creating signature touches. P-Nut seeks to empower audiences to overcome adversity of racial and income inequality through his life story and uplifting attitude, sharing tales about his community’s camaraderie, African-American anecdotes, and advice from a self-taught Renaissance man. You’re invited to visit P-Nut’s world when Dog & Horse Fine Art in Charleston presents P-Nut: 65 Years of Unity & Community, July 3rd through September 13th. The exhibition features his paintings, a pre-recorded artist talk about some of his works, and his poetry books available for purchase.

Pictured: Ova Yonder 2 by P-Nut