Arts Daily / Artist Talk: Dan Estabrook

Artist Talk: Dan Estabrook

Join the Halsey Institute at the College of Charleston on May 18 at 7 p.m. for an online artist talk with Dan Estabrook on his exhibition, “Wunderkammer.” The work of Dan Estabrook oscillates between image and object and back again. Using antiquated forms of photography, such as salt prints and tintypes, Estabrook examines the objecthood of photography and its ability to represent the truth. He often combines multiple tintypes or adds metal to his images, further commenting on photography’s connection to reality. His sculptural works become recreations of his photos, further blurring the line between image and object. Interested in the studio as a site for fabrication, Estabrook’s sleight of hand in creating still life tableaus asks viewers to reconsider why things appear as they seem.