Artists U — intense and inspirational

Artist Corinne Madeen attended the recent Artists U/SC Intensive at the South Carolina Arts Commission expecting to delve into the financial and business aspects of being an artist.

“There was much inspirational as well as practical discussion and that’s something I want to share with other artists. I went into the weekend expecting to learn about myself and how to make my business more viable financially – but what I came away with instead was an overwhelming sense of community and shared inspiration that makes me feel like a rocket-ship blasting off into outer-space!”

Read Madeen’s blog post, “Thank You for Being an Artist” to find out what she learned, including the “Three Things That Stop Artists,” and “Three Things That Will Sustain You as an Artist.”

If you’re not already receiving e-mails about Artists U and similar opportunities (such as the Artists’ Ventures Initiative grant), send your name and contact info to Kim Harne or give her a call at 803/734-8630.

Thanks, Corinne!