Arts Center of Kershaw County

Founded in 1974 by three independent groups (Camden Art Association, Camden Music Association, and the Camden Community Theatre). Formerly known as the Fine Arts Center of Kershaw County.

The Arts Center campus has grown to include a performance wing housing storage, an outdoor pavilion, new dressing rooms and a shop.

In addition to full time, part time, and contracted staff members, artists and teachers number 20-30 at any given time. Volunteers number in the hundreds. The Arts Center enjoys a close working relationship with the Kershaw County schools in fostering arts education throughout the county.

Our Mission
To create an environment that promotes artistic and cultural experiences and provides superior educational, instructional and entertainment opportunities that elevate and enrich the community for all residents of Kershaw County and beyond.

Our Vision
To serve as a center for education, production and entertainment in the arts, to promote life-long learning, and to provide opportunities to experience and participate in the arts.