Susan Lenz named Artista Vista Artist of the Year

The 22nd Artista Vista, a free gallery crawl hosted by the Vista Guild of Columbia, runs through April 27.  Attendees will have the chance to win a piece of art by Susan Lenz, Artista Vista’s Artist of the Year.

The State’s Otis Taylor recently interviewed Lenz:

“Susan Lenz jumps from topic to topic like a Twitter feed — the recent NCAA tournament fortunes of Ohio State University, Key West, Bojangles’ sweet tea, “Raising Arizona” and fashionable appropriations of pantyhose.

But there is always a thread that connects one seemingly dissimilar piece of media to the next, very much like her art.

Lenz, a fiber artist who uses thread in many of her works, is the first Artista Vista Artist of the Year. Artista Vista, the annual springtime gallery crawl, is in its 22nd year.

On a recent visit to Lenz’s fabric strewn space at Vista Studios, Lenz talked about The Pantyhose Dress, an entry in the recent Runaway Runway. The dress was modeled by Christine Heiszer, whose face was obscured by pantyhose and a Mardi Gras mask. Heiszer was really Lenz in disguise wearing a dress with a bodice of woven pantyhose and a skirt fashioned from knotted knee-high stockings. Leggings and tights were part of a 15-foot boa.”

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Via: The State