SCAC program helps lead to debut album

Colleton singer goes country

Promo photo of singer Jason Lee Cook standing in a field of high grass

Jason Lee Cook, Colleton County artist.

From Walterboro Live/Cindy Crosby:

“Local Jason Lee Cook will debut his country music album, “My Kind of Country,” Friday July 18 at 7 p.m. during an online CD release party.

A press release from Southern Roots Management of Nashville said Cook’s album will soon be available for purchase on all major distribution outlets including, Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, iHeart Radio, along with over a hundred major retailers, as well as at the recommended site,

The release said, “This is Jason’s debut country music album, with the first two releases “Country To The Bone” and “The Song” already rising on independent country music charts. Jason’s debut single “Country to the Bone” has been named one of the finalists for Best Traditional Country Song at the Word Songwriting Awards. Jason is a member of BMI of Nashville, where he is a singer/songwriter, ISSA, International singer-songwriters Association, and the North Carolina singer/songwriters Association.”

“According to Cook, he was connected through a mutual friend to BMI of Nashville. “It was there I was able to start a songwriting relationship,” said Cook. “My next step was someone to help with the recording process which led me to Southern Roots Management, with some extra help from the South Carolina Arts Commission. We recorded the album in December and January.”

Cook has been involved in the South Carolina Arts Commission program Art of Community: Rural SC for some time as a young creative in one of the six counties where the program first began. It now reaches rural communities in 15 South Carolina counties.

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