SC digital artist one of three official artists-in-residence at the 2016 Olympics


French artist, American ‘viner’ and German writer are all in residence in vibrant Olympic city

For the first time in the history of the Olympic Games, three official artists-in-residence have been invited to work in a host city during the Games.

At Rio 2016, French artist JG has constructed three huge installations across the city, digital artist Gerald Andal from the USA is using Vine to capture the unique drama and emotions of the Games, and German writer Tilman Spengler is seeking inspiration for a new graphic novel.

JR is a French contemporary artist best known for his huge black-and-white images pasted in city streets all over the world. Inspired by athletes, JR has created three “Giant” photo installations to mark Rio 2016.

Representing athletes practising high jump, swimming and diving, these installations on large-scale scaffolds can be seen in the Flamengo, Barra da Tijuca and Botafogo areas of Rio de Janeiro.

Gerald Andal

“hmu if you see this fool in a @vine shirt at #Rio2016” Gerald Andal (image from Twitter/gereezi)

Meanwhile, writer and editor Spengler is in Rio to find inspiration for a graphic novel. “There is a plethora of themes and motives and public stages for performances, richer than in any opera,” he said.

Gerald Andal, from (Columbia) South Carolina, specialises in the production of Vines. At Rio, Andal is using Vines to capture the vibrancy of Rio de Janeiro, the energy and rhythm of the sporting events and all the moods and emotions that accompany the Games. The artist can be followed on Vine (Gerald Andal) and on Twitter @gereezi.

The new artist-in-residence programme forms part of the Olympic Agenda 2020 roadmap that the International Olympic Committee has designed for the future of the Olympic movement. Recommendation 26 of the document calls for stronger ties between sport and culture at the Olympic Games and in between.