S.C. Philharmonic “kick starts” fundraiser to commission unique concerto

S.C. Philharmonic “kick starts” fundraiser to commission unique concerto

A Kickstarter fundraising campaign lets “little guy” donors help the South Carolina Philharmonic commission a unique concerto to premiere at its March 14, 2015, Masterworks concert.

Dan ViscontiAmerican composer Dan Visconti (right) is currently composing Beatbox, the first concerto to pair a full orchestra with a string quintet. Classical music rock stars Sybarite5 (above) team with the S.C. Phil and Music Director Morihiko Nakahara for the work’s world premiere.

Rather than seek a corporate or wealthy, individual donor to make Beatbox a reality, the S.C. Phil is using Kickstarter.com to empower non-traditional donors – from every-day patrons to the community at large – to pool smaller donations and fund a portion of the non-traditional new work. Donations ranging from just $1 to $1,200 can help raise $5,000 to go toward the often-prohibitive cost of commissioning new music. The catch with Kickstarter is that the S.C. Phil has just 30 days to raise the full $5,000 goal – or else get nothing at all.

“While the S.C. Phil supports contemporary American composers and would like to participate in commissions and consortiums more often, the costs involved are in addition to those of putting a performance on stage,” S.C. Phil Executive Director Rhonda Hunsinger said.

“With Visconti, we are also bringing in a critically acclaimed string quintet, which involves additional fees, transportation and lodging. We are able to raise a portion of this through traditional fundraising, but need new sources of support to cover the full cost of this endeavor.”

Beatbox is to combine Visconti’s classical/bluegrass/rock style with Sybarite5, who are characterized by their unique style and virtuosity. Visconti and Sybarite5 have worked together before, and while this piece promises to have a folk music influence from Visconti’s Virginia upbringing, it is being written specifically for Sybarite5 and will capture the group’s energy and musical spirit.

The Duluth Superior Orchestra (Minn.) and Midland Symphony Orchestra (Mich.) are joining the S.C. Phil in the commissioning consortium.

Visit the Kickstarter campaign page for more information.

Via: South Carolina Philharmonic