S.C. Arts Foundation looking for #SCartists’ work

2021 Find Joy in Art Auction

SUBMISSION DEADLINE:  Friday, April 9, 2021 (Updated)

The South Carolina Arts Foundation (SCAF) invites South Carolina artists to participate in its 2021 online auction.

The Art Auction is meant to serve as both a sales opportunity for South Carolina’s visual artists and as an opportunity to build and promote arts patronage. A selection committee will select artists whose work will be included in the auction. Artists will be notified of their inclusion by Friday, April 9, 2021. The auction will be held May 17-21 and May 2428.

Ed. note: Clarifying language was added to the general information below on Feb. 26. A submission deadline extension was announced April 5.


  1. Open to artists working in 2-D and 3-D.
  2. Works should be of high artistic quality.
  3. Works should have a broad appeal.
  4. Works must be original.
  5. 2-D works must be framed.
  6. Works should be representative of the artist’s style.

Size, Shipping and/or Delivery, Insurance

There are no restrictions on size of artwork. However, the cost of shipping and/or delivery to the buyer should be considered by the artist. While shipping and/or delivery of artwork to the buyer is the responsibility of the artist, the South Carolina Arts Foundation will help facilitate deliveries when possible. Additionally, sold works being shipped must be insured.

Application Process and Submission Requirements

Minimum Bids

The South Carolina Arts Foundation will handle the sale with the agreed upon split of the minimum. The artist’s stated price will be listed as the minimum bid. Anything over and above the minimum bid will also go to the South Carolina Arts Foundation. Example: Artwork price established by artist is $100. This price is where the bidding begins. Based on the available share options (artist/SCAF) 75/25%; 0/100% or other which cannot be less than 25% for the Foundation, the artist receives his/her percentage share. Proceeds above the artist’s stated price will be retained by the Foundation to support the programs and services of the S.C. Arts Commission.

If you have any questions, please contact Cathy Lee at the South Carolina Arts Commission (clee@arts.sc.gov | 803.734-8674).