Photographers invited to apply for Crusade Engagement Grant

Crusade Engagement GrantThe Crusade Engagement Grant awards $10,000 annually to the applicant with the most innovative idea to create a unique, approachable program that brings new audiences to photography and allows them to engage with art in a meaningful way. Crusade for Art is looking for projects that focus on creating demand for photography and provide a concrete plan to create one-to-one connections between the photographer, the viewer, and the audience.

Any single photographer, project organizer, or group of artists 18 years or older is eligible to apply.

Complete guidelines and the list of 2014 project finalists are available on Crusade for Art’s website.¬† Application deadline is April 17.

Also check out Crusade for Art’s FOCAL POINT program, which profiles three talented photographers each quarter. All FOCAL POINT¬†photographers receive mentoring from Crusade for Art to think about their work, their target audiences, and how to best engage them. Submissions are accepted.

About Crusade for Art
Crusade for Art is a 501c3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to engage new audiences with art. Our work is about developing and supporting innovative initiatives that create demand for art and opportunities to collect it.

Via: Crusade for Art