New gallery coming to Fountain Inn

And it’s looking for exhibitors

Another day, another call for art. The megaphone has been busy!

The world-famous Hub Calls for Art Megaphone.

This one will be brief.

Joe Lowery reached out to The Hub to issue an invitation to #SCartists to exhibit in his new venture: The Back Door Gallery.

He’s looking for visual and craft artists working in 2D and 3D. The goal is to provide “an affordable venue for local artists and crafters to display and sell their creations.”

Spaces are available in three-month increments for $50/month. Here is the link to apply and learn more.

The Back Door Gallery is to open Nov. 15 at 107B South Main St. in Fountain Inn. Artists who have questions are able to reach Joe on 203.994.8446 or joe_lowery_98 (at) yahoo dot com.

Best of luck to Joe.