MOJA Arts Festival call for artist submissions

January 10, 2013, is the deadline for artists to apply to participate in the 2013 MOJA Arts Festival: A Celebration of African-American and Caribbean Arts, scheduled for Sept. 26 through Oct. 6.

MOJA is an annual 11-day festival in Charleston, South Carolina, that features¬† a variety of artistic disciplines including visual arts, classical music, theater, poetry, storytelling, dance, jazz, gospel, rhythm and blues, children’s activities and traditional crafts for an audience of 58,000+ people. MOJA celebrates cultural harmony within the community and encourages participation in a rich variety of traditional arts and cultures, as well as educational programs. MOJA’s mission is built around the concept of building bridges of understanding and respect for the beauty of artistic and cultural expression among all parts of the community.

To download the artist and performer application, visit the MOJA website.

Photo: The 2012 poster image was created by artist James Denmark, who resides in Yemessee.

Via: MOJA Arts Festival