Lynda English Studio calls for miniature art

Submission deadline: Thursday, Nov. 8

Registration is open for the fifth annual Lynda English Studio Miniature Art Competition. 

The world-famous Hub Calls for Art Megaphone.

“Much is to be gained artistically by painting small – in composition, color, and value,” said Jackie Wukela, co-owner of Lynda English Studio Gallery. “The Lynda English Studio Gallery hopes to accomplish two tasks with this fifth Annual Miniature Competition: one, to nudge artists to tighten their skills by working within a small space; and two, to help educate our students and fellow artists in the process of entering competitions.”

  • The youth division is open to all artists aged 6-12 who reside in South Carolina.
  • The adult division is open to those 13 years old or older residing in South Carolina.

Any 2- or 3-Dimensional original art media not exceeding 40 square inches can be submitted. Photography is not part of the competition.

For entry fee details and information about prizes, visit this story on

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