Lights, camera, action in Marion County as filmmakers work on two movies

From WBTW News 13:

MARION, S.C. – Marion is getting the red carpet treatment, as Hollywood opens its door to a bit of southern hospitality.

“In California people are not grateful that you are here to film. They’re like oh, are you going to clean-up? It’s such an inconvenience. Around here they appreciate it,” said actor Vincent Giovagnoli.

Which is why for filmmakers, Marion was the obvious choice.

“Our executive producer is actually from South Carolina and we had been talking about making movies here for a little while. There are some great locations here. It’s a really beautiful old town, very lush, very green,” mentioned Jake Helgren, producer and screenwriter for two of the movies filmed in the area.

G It’s Entertainment has used Marion as its backdrop for two of its films, “Wishing Out Loud”, which wrapped this past weekend and their current project “The 12 Dog Days of Christmas.”

While the movies showcases some household names. Some of the area’s very own are stepping in front of the camera.

“It’s a little crazy actually because I’m from here, I grew up here. So it’s kind of funny posting things on Facebook about this production…and having people saying oh I’ve heard about that. It’s so cool that you’re doing that,” said actor Lexi Giovagnoli, who is from Murrells Inlets and in both movies.

“We’re so grateful just being on the set and what not. It’s a great turnout and we appreciate it like big time,” added her brother Vincent.

It’s been sort of an adjustment for Marion, but for the most part it’s been easy sailing.

“Anytime you have a movie shooting in small town. Some people are going to be inconvenienced and I think some people are not used to that. But for the most part everyone has been real welcoming and we’re happy to be here,” explained Helgren.

Filming for the “12 Dog Days of Christmas” wraps in two weeks and it has a projected release date of around Thanksgiving.

“Wishing Out Loud” should hit the screens in January.

Via: WBTW News 13