Introducing Hub E-vents

Finding art while staying home

You, The Hub, and #SCartists walk into a bar are under stay at home/stay at work orders.

You and The Hub want art. You crave art. #SCartists and arts organizations want to fill that void. They live for that. It’s a calling.

Yet in times of social distancing, that’s hard to do. Through the wonders of modern technology, many are trying and succeeding. So while we’re all staying home to protect vulnerable family, friends, and neighbors,  The Hub is stepping up to fill the void between artists and arts lovers. Today we’re introducing a new (temporary) venture we’re calling Hub E-vents to help get the wonderful work of #SCartists we serve to you through The Hub at the S.C. Arts Commission Facebook feed.

  • Aren’t events supposed to be on Arts Daily?
    Fact check: TRUE. Our team is working to bring Arts Daily back to full capacity, but the Arts Daily process requires significant advance notice, and many of the “e-vents” we’re seeing are coming together, well, quickly. Let that inspiration strike! Let us know. If we see it in time and if we can, we’ll help.
  • Those are two big caveats. How do we let you know?
    First, there was another, initial caveat. This is only a temporary feature. As for the others… as you can imagine, the folks who provide this content can quickly become overwhelmed by volume, which is why there are separate submission processes for The Hub (news) and Arts Daily (events) and each has its own mission. Tag the “@scartscomm” on your Facebook post about your event. We’ll share it to our statewide (and beyond) network. Events with enough advance notice are eligible for Hub E-vents posts which, like our recurring “Tuning Up” feature will be curated and go out as events warrant. If there are sporadic events, we’ll post sporadically. If there are more, we’ll post more. We’ll do our best.

Looking for events?

Ready for some online art events? Click on the “Hub E-vents” tag or click here.

So let’s do this!

Click image to visit event website.