International Association of Blacks in Dance seeks CEO

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Thursday, March 31, 2022

IABD’s next President and CEO will be the 4th leader in the organization’s 30-year history.

They will have the opportunity to be at the forefront of activating change that sustains the future of Black dance.  This leader will build consensus informed by new and varied perspectives. They will partner with all staff to oversee the implementation of our leadership development programs, funding opportunities, and annual conferences. As the most public-facing ambassador of the organization, the right candidate will have the opportunity to represent IABD in the dance community and the broader performing arts and philanthropic communities nationally and internationally.

The president and CEO will report to and be championed by a 21-person Board of Directors representing an intergenerational mix of artistic voices and leaders in the dance world. In this partnership, the President and CEO will strategize and collaborate to establish vivid goals to advance the organization’s mission. They will work with and oversee a full-time staff of 7 employees. As President and CEO, they will have operational responsibility and oversight of IABD’s programs, membership, fundraising, events, finances, and staff.

IABD projects revenue for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2022, at $3 million. The association’s diverse revenue platform includes programming, membership dues, sponsorships, grants, and a fiscal sponsorship program.

Key roles and responsibilities

The president and CEO will focus their efforts on four primary areas: strategic leadership and advocacy, fiscal management, capacity building and sustainability, and staff engagement. In this capacity, this leader will establish internal and operational priorities, cultivate meaningful and impactful relationships, and advance strategic partnerships to elevate IABD’s impact and initiatives. This person will develop new and unique opportunities to serve the mission and bring innovation to spark organizational growth. They will be an assertive advocate for Black dance and effectively represent all dance professionals irrespective of the size, tenure and genre of the organization. The next president and CEO will understand the importance, potential, and plurality of ways that art and dance can connect, engage, and transform individuals and communities alike. The new president and CEO will understand and advocate for the organization’s vision, history, and philosophy supporting its mission.

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