Hub Quick Hits: Blank spaces that have nothing to do with Taylor Swift

It almost sounds like a Jeopardy(!) category, á la Will Ferrell and Norm MacDonald.

And for all the hullabaloo over her appearance at an NFL game last weekend, it doesn’t have anything to do with international superstar Taylor Swift or her song, “Blank Space.”

(No, The Hub is not a Swiftie.)

Rather, via the Associated Press comes news of a Danish artist who was commissioned by a museum there—two years ago—to produce works for an exhibition on labor practices. The result? Two blank canvasses titled, “Take the Money and Run.”

As you can imagine, people are talking. To Jens Haaning’s credit, that is what good art (or lack thereof?) compels.

As you can also imagine, there is a court fight over the nearly $70,000 (USD) given for the commission. It’s fascinating stuff, and we’ll delve no further into the topic.

A Danish art patron takes in the splendor of Jens Haaning’s “Take the Money and Run” in Aalborg. (Associated Press photo)